Introduction to Level 6

At some point in the life of a group it may get into a place of 'stuckness'. It will seem as if there is no energy in the meeting, it sucks energy out of you rather than giving energy, and it may end-up seeming like a chore to attend at all. Some obvious questions to ask are:

It will probably entail digging a little deeper into the dark unconscious, but that is where all the juicy stuff is! Personally there's always been more than enough issues for me to work on, and create with other men… Stuckness could be about having done all your work at a particular level - things have been hashed and rehashed until there's no energy there any more. Just as initially things began to roll by individual men taking the risk to reveal what was happening for them at this level, a further risk is required to take it to the next level, and go a little deeper. Of course it will get scary there too, that's probably why we were stuck 'outside the door'. And if it's scary, then some one may react and start projecting, being uncomfortable with the feelings that come up for him and try to 'give' them to someone else…and our work of conflict and taking ownership starts all over again. But this time with some extra energy, because the stakes just got a little higher, as we get closer and closer to our core personalities, issues and belief systems.

So, who will be first through the door…? (See Level 7 for more information)

The next few meetings describe some of the things you could do to confront your stuckness.

Level - 6 Meetings

6-1 Group Review
6-2 Group Facilitation & Workshops
6-3 Sitting in the Silence