Meeting 6-1
Focus: Group Review

The basic structure of this meeting is the same as Meeting 1.1 - refer back for more information.

Some issues may have come up during check-in that the group may wish to spend more time on rather than moving straight into the 'focus'; or perhaps some issue is still to be dealt with from the previous week. When it is appropriate the leader moves the group into the main focus for this meeting.

5) The Big Bit in the middle - the leader announces the focus of the meeting

Focus: Group Review

"In this meeting we will be taking a historical perspective of the group and events in the group, to glean any insights available, with the hope that some clues to stuckness might become apparent and also to look for ideas for new directions and energy."


  1. How long has the group been going? How long have the current members been coming? Any gaps in their attendance? What was that about?
  2. Ask each member to describe what their experience of group has been, in general terms.
  3. Is there a consensus of opinion? Explore any differences - what are they about?
  4. How many men have left the group in its lifetime?
    1. For each man that left, consider what benefits he got from group?
    2. For each man, consider why they left; did they tell you? If not - speculate. If they didn't tell you why they left, consider why they chose not to tell you.
    3. Are you carrying a judgement of him or the circumstances of his departure?
    4. How did you feel when he left? How does this relate to c) above?
  5. Did any man leave with the support of the group ie to pursue other interests?
    1. How did that support manifest itself?
    2. Was there any attempt made to keep in touch? Why? Why not?
  6. If a man left without group support
    1. What was that about?
    2. Was there any resistance/resentment on behalf of the group?
    3. Do you have any new perspectives on your role in that process?
  7. For men that left as the result of conflict:-
    1. Was that conflict eventually resolved? How? Who participated? Why? Who resisted? Why? Who played no/little role? Why?
    2. Did that man 'cause' the conflict, or was he the 'victim'? Discuss. Have things changed in the group as a result? Was he trying to change them?
    3. Who initiated the conflict (ie by confronting an issue - beginning a discussion…)
    4. What happened to group energy afterwards? Was anyone blamed? Who? - by who? What was that about?
    5. Are there any lingering resentments towards that man? Who is able to own that?
    6. If you were to meet that man socially (by surprise), how would you feel?
  8. What have been the best things for you about group? The worst? High points? Low points?
  9. What have you tried to change in group process? Were you successful? Did your ideas work out for you? For others in the group? If not successful, who stopped you? Why? Is it still an issue?
  10. What did you/do you think needs changing but haven't tackled it yet? Will you? If not, why not?
  11. Have you considered leaving? Why? Why did you stay? Are you considering leaving? Why? Why would you stay?
  12. Where do you see the group in 1 month - 3 months - 6 months - 1 year?
  13. What new things could the group do to support/satisfy/encourage you? Will you 'fight' for them?