Introduction to Level 8
Renewed Commitment

Everyone, sooner or later, considers leaving the group, for any number of reasons; and eventually we all move on to new challenges carrying hopefully not only memories but also lessons learned and new insights into ourselves and things/people around us. (See Meeting 3-7 Leaving the group.)

But what if it isn't time to leave? What if you have the sense of wanting to stay, but not much clarity around it? Perhaps there are difficulties that you can't actually pin-point, or an unresolved conflict that the group can't deal with at its current level of development? (See Level 6 - Stuckness).

Maybe it's the way that things are currently being done that is preventing things from being resolved? So the group has to work a little harder to refine its process? - Is it willing to go deeper? Cover old ground? Are you? This can be tremendously frustrating; and in the moment, it may seem as if 'someone' is holding onto an unworkable position - and they may never change their attitude…

So any self-renewal may come up against a brick wall if the group isn't willing to go that way… What can you do? Your work at this point is to understand your motivations (honestly!) and own them. What for you is 'wrong' with the situation? Why? Are you projecting? Consider what the possible outcomes are from going along with it. Where could it work? Break down? What do you see as healthy/appropriate or unhealthy/inappropriate? Why? What is it you want? Why? What are its outcomes? Strive for as much clarity as you can in this way.

Having achieved some level of clarity, consider what is the simplest point for you to present as your argument, perhaps the issue or concept upon which your whole idea rests, perhaps the starting point for you to be able to do/continue your men's work. This is your point of renewal - this is what you must hold to consciously in any group process - in the whirlpool of issues and ideas and conflicts - this is what sustains you and others may only gradually over time be able to understand this perspective.

This may take courage, to confront and change an 'unhealthy' process - it may take a lot of energy, both emotional and physical - to come back week after week to work for and fight for your issue/ideas - and you may not succeed - but at least you may tell yourself you tried - even if we eventually walk away recognising our inability to work together in a way that satisfies us all.

Level - 8 - Meetings

8-1 Renewal and Self-Resolution
8-2 Trying to figure it out