Last Word

There is a philosophy that says:

'only by holding onto the idea of separation can we experience separation'.

This of course asks us to raise our consciousness towards the idea and actuality and expression of our unity, the spiritual idea that we are all one in the universe, we are all connected. We all want and need and experience different things in our lives, ie we are 'different', but beyond that, there is something that draws and holds us together.

As I do my men's work, I am aware that part of my motivation is to have that experience of unity; and yet, of course, I am continually confronted by the 'appearance of separation', as issues arise, and the work I have to do to go beyond 'what that looks like' to see the reality beyond. Sometimes I fail, and I get caught up in appearances, and have the real human experience of holding onto those appearances, and holding onto those feelings that I choose to manifest, perhaps even blaming or judging another.

But at some point, when the time is right, I am able to remind myself that it is time to let go (of separation) and forgive, both myself and any other. And I remind myself that it is a journey, and I attempt to be open to the wisdom of the teachers around me. And the opportunity presents itself for a new beginning, a new start, as the universe, and unity, will forever wait for me to get there, as I am able.

In spending time with this handbook, I have necessarily been having to explore separation! - something that I am uncomfortable in doing. The hope, of course, is that by raising consciousness around separation - for each of us to be consciously in that uncomfortable place as the issue arises in our group process - and by maturely looking at what we need to create to move beyond it - will we be more able to experience unity, by taming and bringing into the light its slippery darker half.

Whatever your experience of men's work has been, perhaps the final question should be:

'What am I holding onto?'

And consider that perhaps there is still more work to be done, when the time is right for you.

Felix Markevicius.