3-1 Your Vision

Mission Statement

Part 1

In general terms, write down phrases that describe what you see yourself doing as an organization. Try not to exclude or discount any ideas at this stage, let's honour each man's contribution (brain-storming).

What practical things do you see yourself doing? What is the intent behind those actions? (on a separate sheet of paper)

Part 2

Having done Part 1 above, you should discuss as a group, which of the mentioned items is the most Important? And so on through the list until all aspects are prioritised. Separate them into four categories

  1. Those that are most important, and you have resources/skills to begin immediately.
  2. Those that are important, but you have no resources/skills to address.
  3. Other things it would be nice to have, but can wait.
  4. Items that you don't currently want to tackle as an organization.

Once Part's 1 & 2 are complete you should have a good idea of who you are as an organization.

Can you now complete the following sections, using positive language and action verbs; Note that it is hard to construct an appealing statement 'by committee', typically one man will suggest a phrase, which may be slightly modified by another, and which will then gamer approval by the group. Remember, you are learning to compromise and cooperate, rather than compete.

Part 3

Your Vision (Focus on one or two primary aspects that define your organization)

Our vision is to


Part 4

Mission Statement (Focus on one or two practical ways that you plan to achieve your vision)

Our mission is to


Let's get practical

Let's write out some specific goals we want to achieve, and the deadlines: What do we want to have/do/be…

  1. In 3 months time?
  2. In 6 months time?
  3. In 1 years time?
  4. In 2 years time?
  5. In 5 years time?
  6. In 10 years time?

For each time period above, write down some goals for your organization - what do you see as the lifespan of this organization? What defines success for you? At least get something down on paper, it's not written in stone… you can change it!

You have now defined who you are as an organization! (To yourselves…)

Did you avoid couching your vision/mission statement in negative terms? (It is psychologically very much harder to work for a negative result rather than a positive one - this is one place where language is extremely important).