Handbook for Starting
a Men's Group

(Revised Edition)

Gervase R. Bushe Ph.D.

Prepared for the Vancouver Men's Evolvement Network
by Gervase R. Bushe Ph.D.

January 1991   

Ⓒ1990, 1991, Vancouver M.E.N., All rights reserved.

This Handbook may be reproduced in whole or part for use in a men's group free of charge.
Please include the following acknowledgment:
reproduced from Handbook for Starting a Men's Group by Gervase Bushe Vancouver M.E.N., 1991


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■   Overview
■   An Introduction To Being In A Men's Group
■   Things About Men's Groups
■   Using This Guide
■   1st Meeting
■   2nd Meeting
■   3rd Meeting
■   Mythology And Folklore In Men's Work
■   Short Bibliography On Mythical Thinking. Especially For Men.
- and -
The Darkman's Sooty Brother
■   Meeting 4
■   Week 5