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Men's Groups

Name Location Contact E-mail Phone Cost Type
Ironmen 2.0 Coquitlam Don Epp abramoc.liamg@tceridppenodcadabra.jpg (778) 999-2243 Free for guests, $5/meeting for members Mentoring, Support, Personal Development, Helping others, FUN!
Dark Horse I-Group 946 12th Street, New Westminster Cory Bretz (778) 887-7446 Mentoring, support (MKP)
Knights of the Round Table New Westminster Lee Kovack Men who lost access to their children
Men's Monday Meet Ups Vancouver (2305 West 7th Avenue) Angelo Moroni abragro.esuohstik@molegnacadabra.jpg (604) 736-3588 Free Dialogues about challenges, strength, wisdom
Nanaimo Men's Circle Nanaimo Support; occasional sweat lodge, drumming, feast
Men's Sexual and Relationship Recovery Kelowna Bill Schuilenberg (236) 420-1155 Sexual Addiction (a 9-week support group)
Men's Loss & Grief Vancouver (Point Grey) Jake (Jacob) Froese abramoc.liamg@eseorf.ekajcadabra.jpg (604) 500-1631 $30 - $50 per session Grief, processing, healing
Sacred Brotherhood of Men Vancouver David C. Connection, support, inquiry into honourable behaviour
Downtown Vancouver Men's Group Vancouver (Downtown) Cory Bretz & Joseph (778) 887-7446 or (778) 999-4240 Mentoring, support (MKP)
Men In The Mirror Vancouver and New Westminster Tristan abraac.rednem@mtimcadabra.jpg (604) 200-7333 $15 per 6 months Support, personal development
Samurai Brotherhood Vancouver (and more?) Phil Teertha Mistlberger abramoc.oohay@regrebltsimpcadabra.jpg Masculinity, personal development
British Columbia Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Vancouver (3126 W. Broadway), and perhaps Surrey in future Don Wright abramoc.srovivruselam-cb@rotanidroocsvcadabra.jpg (604) 682-6482 $35 per sesssion Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse
The Cave Men's Integration Group Talking Circle Langley Cory Bretz abramoc.liamg@zterbyroccadabra.jpg (778) 887-7446 Free Mentoring, support (MKP)
Men's Group Vancouver Vancouver Dave Robens abramoc.liamg@sneborevadehtcadabra.jpg $1000 for a 10 ten-class workshop
Awakening Man Vancouver (Willow & 17th Ave) Andy Harrison, Scott East, and Delayne Corbett abramoc.liamg@tsaerttocscadabra.jpg (778) 710 7485 $5 per meeting
The Art of Masculinity Vancouver (1861 Franklin Street) Bob Munro abramoc.liamg@888ornumbobcadabra.jpg (604) 765-1300 Free Sterling (also an annual retreat)
H.R. Mental Wellness Centre Vancouver Dr. Hamdy El-Rayes abramoc.liamg@seyarhcadabra.jpg (604) 630-6865 By donation Holistic healing, personal growth, career development
Manifest Various locations Scott Swanson abramoc.liamg@snawsttocscadabra.jpg (604) 417-9009 Christian, spiritual
B.C. Men's Resource Centre Vancouver (#328-237 Keefer Street) Jerry Arthur-Wong abraac.cb.ncv@nemcadabra.jpg (604) 878-9033 By donation Fathers without custody/access
Rolling Thunder Tribe Vancouver, Coquitlam and more Bruce Hendriks abragro.ebirtrednuhtgnillor@ttrcadabra.jpg (604) 341-4736 Unknown Sterling (calendar)
Reinless Salt Spring Island John abraac.rednem@sselniercadabra.jpg (519) 821-9703 $30 per year Support, personal development Vancouver John Ince abragro.spuorgsnemrevuocnav@ofnicadabra.jpg Free
Kaizenators Tsawwassen
The Victoria Men's Centre Victoria abragro.nemciv@ofnicadabra.jpg (250) 370-4636
Island Men's Network Southern Vancouver Island Jim Richardson, Harvey Maser (250) 383-7664, (250) 380-0870
Cowichan Station Hub Cowichan Valley Richard Sturney abraten.sulet@1yenrutscadabra.jpg (250) 746-4250
Victoria John Reilly abraac.wahs@yllierpjcadabra.jpg (250) 386-0667
Vancouver Allan O’Connor abraac.wahs@conallacadabra.jpg (604) 831-4667
Vancouver Peter Mortifee (604) 838-3472
White Rock Millan Patel abraac.cb.wc@letapmcadabra.jpg
Kimberley Phil Lyall abramoc.liamg@68llayllihpcadabra.jpg (250) 427-7030
The Loft Cranbrook Greg Ross abraac.wahs@ssorsgcadabra.jpg (250) 489-2566
The Cave Langley David Car abramoc.liamg@rac.pdivadcadabra.jpg (604) 999-6051
Kelowna Jeff Goreski abramoc.liamg@80yksiuamcadabra.jpg (250) 878-2784
Vernon Grant Waldman abragro.nemtsaoctsew@tnargcadabra.jpg (250) 896-0376

Related programs

Name Location Contact E-mail Phone Notes
Men in Change Vancouver abragro.cbciasom@ofnicadabra.jpg (604) 254-9626 Immigrants, refugees, and visual minorities who have used, or are at risk of using violence in intimate relationships
MenTOR (run by WINGS) New Westminster James Loewen abramoc.gnihcaocneweol@semajcadabra.jpg (778) 316-4716 Improving relationships ($300 for 15 sessions)
The Men's Initiative abramoc.evitaitinisnem@ofnicadabra.jpg Helping men find meaning and purpose
Veteran’s Transition Program abragro.adanacntv@enolarevencadabra.jpg Military, veterans, first-responders, depression, PTSD, substance abuse
Heads Up Guys abragro.syugpusdaeh@ofnicadabra.jpg Managing and preventing depression
Male Up Against Suicide abraac.cbu@htlaeh.snemcadabra.jpg Depression and suicide
The Dudes Club Downtown Eastside, Vancouver Eric Schweig abramoc.liamg@0102bulcsedudcadabra.jpg (604) 254-9949 Men residing in the Downtown Eastside
Men's Sheds Mike Jennings abraac.dehssnemmaltiuqoc@jekimcadabra.jpg Socializing shoulder to shoulder in a workshop
Canadian Association For Equality (CAFE) Phil Johnston abramoc.adanacytilauqe@notsnhojpcadabra.jpg Activism, advocacy
Manology Vancouver (Roundhouse Community Centre) David Hatfield abraac.dleiftahdivad@divadcadabra.jpg (604) 255-3597 A seasonal discussion program
West Coast Men’s Support Society abragro.nemtsaoctsew@ofnicadabra.jpg
The Mankind Project
SFU Advocacy For Men & Boys Jesse Velay-Vitow abraac.ufs@ivyalevjcadabra.jpg Activism, advocacy
The Men's Centre (Nanaimo) Nanaimo Theo J. Boere abraac.ertnecsnemeht@oehtcadabra.jpg (250) 716-1551 Formerly: Nanaimo Men's Resource Centre

Programs specifically for boys

Name Contact E-mail Phone Notes
Young Men’s Adventure Weekend Brad Leslie abraten.sulet@eilseldarbcadabra.jpg
The Crash