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Men's Groups

Name Location Contact E-mail Phone Cost Type
The Watermen Powel River Ryan Albury abramoc.liamtoh@737yrublacadabra.jpg MKP
Fight Club Victoria (568 Johnson Street) Robin Corlux abramoc.liamg@agtniborcadabra.jpg MKP
Duncan All-Gender circle Duncan (Cowichan Holistic Health Centre) Mark Dziatko abramoc.liamtoh@ohopakcadabra.jpg MKP
The Centre of the Universe Duncan ("The Hub", 2375 Koksilah Road) Richard Sturney abraten.sulet@1yenrutscadabra.jpg MKP
Pumpkin Head I-Group East Vancouver Steve Reid abramoc.liamtoh@refoorlatemcadabra.jpg (778) 707-7114 MKP
Nelson Men's Group Nelson Nathan Stephenson or Matthew abramoc.liamg@elcric.snem.noslencadabra.jpg abramoc.liamg@nosnehpetseetancadabra.jpg MKP
Squamish Men's Circle Squamish Ross Tayler Look here (778) 266-0100 Shadow work, MKP
Ironmen 2.0 Coquitlam Don Epp abramoc.liamg@tceridppenodcadabra.jpg (778) 999-2243 Free for guests, $5/meeting for members Mentoring, Support, Personal Development, Helping others, FUN!
Dark Horse I-Group New Westminster (946 12th Street) Jason Mancini abramoc.liamtoh@erotavlaSnosaJcadabra.jpg (778) 288-4232 Mentoring, support (MKP)
Knights of the Round Table New Westminster Lee Kovack Men who lost access to their children
Steveston Men's Support Group Steveston A supportive and positive environment for men who enjoy beer and discussion
Men's Monday Meet Ups Vancouver (2305 West 7th Avenue) Angelo Moroni abragro.esuohstik@molegnacadabra.jpg (604) 736-3588 Free Dialogues about challenges, strength, wisdom
Nanaimo Men's Circle 1 2 Nanaimo Michael Sherlock abramoc.liamg@elcricsnemomianancadabra.jpg Support, occasional sweat lodge, drumming, feast (MKP)
Men's Sexual and Relationship Recovery Kelowna Bill Schuilenberg (236) 420-1155 Sexual Addiction (a 9-week support group)
Men's Loss & Grief Vancouver (Point Grey) Jake (Jacob) Froese abramoc.liamg@eseorf.ekajcadabra.jpg (604) 500-1631 $30 - $50 per session Grief, processing, healing
Sacred Brotherhood of Men Vancouver David C. Connection, support, inquiry into honourable behaviour
Downtown Vancouver Men's Group Vancouver (Downtown) Cory Bretz & Joseph (778) 887-7446 or (778) 999-4240 Mentoring, support (MKP)
Men In The Mirror Vancouver and New Westminster Tristan abraac.rednem@mtimcadabra.jpg (604) 200-7333 $20 per year Support, personal development
Samurai Brotherhood Vancouver (and more?) Phil Teertha Mistlberger abramoc.oohay@regrebltsimpcadabra.jpg Masculinity, personal development
British Columbia Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Vancouver (3126 W. Broadway), and perhaps Surrey in future Don Wright abramoc.srovivruselam-cb@rotanidroocsvcadabra.jpg (604) 682-6482 $35 per sesssion Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse
The Cave Men's Integration Group Talking Circle Langley Cory Bretz abramoc.liamg@zterbyroccadabra.jpg (778) 887-7446 Free Mentoring, support (MKP)
Men's Group Vancouver Vancouver Dave Robens abramoc.liamg@sneborevadehtcadabra.jpg $1000 for a 10 ten-class workshop
Awakening Man Vancouver (Willow & 17th Ave) Andy Harrison, Scott East, and Delayne Corbett abramoc.liamg@tsaerttocscadabra.jpg (778) 710 7485 $5 per meeting
The Art of Masculinity Vancouver (1861 Franklin Street) Bob Munro abramoc.liamg@888ornumbobcadabra.jpg (604) 765-1300 Free Sterling (also an annual retreat)
H.R. Mental Wellness Centre Vancouver Dr. Hamdy El-Rayes abramoc.liamg@seyarhcadabra.jpg (604) 630-6865 By donation Holistic healing, personal growth, career development
Manifest Various locations Scott Swanson abramoc.liamg@snawsttocscadabra.jpg (604) 417-9009 Christian, spiritual
B.C. Men's Resource Centre Vancouver (#328-237 Keefer Street) Jerry Arthur-Wong abraac.cb.ncv@nemcadabra.jpg (604) 878-9033 By donation Fathers without custody/access
Rolling Thunder Tribe Vancouver, Coquitlam and more Bruce Hendriks abragro.ebirtrednuhtgnillor@ttrcadabra.jpg (604) 341-4736 Unknown Sterling (calendar)
Reinless Salt Spring Island John abraac.rednem@sselniercadabra.jpg (519) 821-9703 $30 per year Support, personal development Vancouver John Ince abragro.spuorgsnemrevuocnav@ofnicadabra.jpg Free
Kaizenators Tsawwassen
The Victoria Men's Centre Victoria abragro.nemciv@ofnicadabra.jpg (250) 370-4636
Island Men's Network Southern Vancouver Island Jim Richardson, Harvey Maser (250) 383-7664, (250) 380-0870
Cowichan Station Hub Cowichan Valley Richard Sturney abraten.sulet@1yenrutscadabra.jpg (250) 746-4250
Victoria Men's Circle Victoria (The Yurt, 5990 Old West Saanich Road) John Reilly abraac.wahs@yllierpjcadabra.jpg (250) 386-0667 MKP
Vancouver Allan O’Connor abraac.wahs@conallacadabra.jpg (604) 831-4667
I-Rock Vancouver Peter Mortifee (604) 838-3472 MKP
White Rock Millan Patel abraac.cb.wc@letapmcadabra.jpg MKP
Kimberley Men's Circle Kimberley Phil Lyall or Gordo Kamlah abramoc.liamg@68llayllihpcadabra.jpg abramoc.liamg@makodrogcadabra.jpg (250) 427-7030
The Loft Cranbrook Greg Ross abraac.wahs@ssorsgcadabra.jpg (250) 489-2566
Kelowna Jeff Goreski or Gary Klein abramoc.liamg@80yksiuamcadabra.jpg abraac.wahs@nielk.yragcadabra.jpg Jeff: (250) 878-2784
Vernon Circle of Men Vernon (3005-32nd Street) Grant Waldman abragro.nemtsaoctsew@tnargcadabra.jpg (250) 896-0376

Related programs

Name Location Contact E-mail Phone Notes
Men in Change Vancouver abragro.cbciasom@ofnicadabra.jpg (604) 254-9626 Immigrants, refugees, and visual minorities who have used, or are at risk of using violence in intimate relationships
MenTOR (run by WINGS) New Westminster James Loewen abramoc.gnihcaocneweol@semajcadabra.jpg (778) 316-4716 Improving relationships ($300 for 15 sessions)
The Men's Initiative abramoc.evitaitinisnem@ofnicadabra.jpg Helping men find meaning and purpose
Veteran’s Transition Program abragro.adanacntv@enolarevencadabra.jpg Military, veterans, first-responders, depression, PTSD, substance abuse
Heads Up Guys abragro.syugpusdaeh@ofnicadabra.jpg Managing and preventing depression
Male Up Against Suicide abraac.cbu@htlaeh.snemcadabra.jpg Depression and suicide
The Dudes Club Downtown Eastside, Vancouver Eric Schweig abramoc.liamg@0102bulcsedudcadabra.jpg (604) 254-9949 Men residing in the Downtown Eastside
Men's Sheds Mike Jennings abraac.dehssnemmaltiuqoc@jekimcadabra.jpg Socializing shoulder to shoulder in a workshop
Canadian Association For Equality (CAFE) Phil Johnston abramoc.adanacytilauqe@notsnhojpcadabra.jpg Activism, advocacy
Manology Vancouver (Roundhouse Community Centre) David Hatfield abraac.dleiftahdivad@divadcadabra.jpg (604) 255-3597 A seasonal discussion program
West Coast Men’s Support Society abragro.nemtsaoctsew@ofnicadabra.jpg
The Mankind Project
SFU Advocacy For Men & Boys Jesse Velay-Vitow abraac.ufs@ivyalevjcadabra.jpg Activism, advocacy
The Men's Centre (Nanaimo) Nanaimo Theo J. Boere abraac.ertnecsnemeht@oehtcadabra.jpg (250) 716-1551 Formerly: Nanaimo Men's Resource Centre

Programs specifically for boys

Name Contact E-mail Phone Notes
Young Men’s Adventure Weekend Brad Leslie abraten.sulet@eilseldarbcadabra.jpg
The Crash