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Jas Bhopal (1950) has been involved as a member of men's groups since the early 1990s, and helps to run Knights Without Armour, a men's group in Richmond, BC. He was an active member of Vancouver M.E.N., and served as its last president until it dissolved in 1994.

I believe that men have always met for support in some form or another in every society.

Men continue to meet nowadays, in special but rare groups, for emotional support and encouragement, and always will need to do so. Men who do the men's work of sharing emotionally become better functioning in family, at work and in the community.

One of the problems in our society locally and currently is that men in need don't always know where to turn for help. And there aren't many places to turn to. Keeping this in mind, our group can now be found through meetup.com.

Jas works part-time as a psychiatrist, teaches pranayama yoga and meditation, and is a toastmaster.