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Vancouver M.E.N. (Men's Evolvement Network) was a volunteer organisation that aimed to:

  • reach out and provide resources and referrals to men needing support
  • be a centralised networking locus
  • publish and distribute a newsletter
  • maintain contact with the media regarding men's issues

In character it belonged to the Mythopoetic Men's Movement

The organisation released a newsletter called Thunder Stick, and later one named Talking Stick.

Some of its history is described in the Handbook for Starting a Men's Self-Help Organization, written by Felix Markevicius.

Inception and dissolution

The organisation is said to have started when, in 1989, several Vancouver men attended the second North West(ern?) Men's Conference and formed a men's group, which, subsequently, decided to invite Robert Bly and Michael Meade to Vancouver to give a weekend workshop.

The workshop was a success, and the group decided its revenues should be used to establish a foundation that benefited the local male community.

In 1994 the organisation decided to dissolve. Rumours are that, amongst other reasons, there was some internal friction when several members could not agree whether to allow a certain competent woman as a board member.


Members at the time of inception:

Directorships within the organisation alternated from time to time. The following list represents the board as it was described in Markevicius' book:

Others that have had some role at some point in time:

Name Change

At some point the organisation was renamed the Vancouver Men's Support Network.

Meeting Minutes

Many meeting minutes have been recovered, and are available for download.