for Starting and Keeping!
a Men's Group

Felix Markevicius

Vancouver Men's Evolvement Network

- 1996 -


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  Safety Net
  Form your own Group
  Statement of Principles for Men's Group Work
  Structure of this Handbook
  The Parable of the Two Travellers

  Level 1 - Getting to Know You

1-1  Listening and speaking from the heart
1-2  Mission Statement - attempting to define what the group is all about
1-3  Initial Guidelines - starting to create the 'container'
1-4  Speaking your Truth
1-5  Naming the group, Initial Commitment Period, Working Guidelines
1-6  Statement of Group Agreements

Level 2  Exploring Issues

2-1  What it means to be a man…
2-2  Fathers
2-3  Intimacy
2-4  Noticing the Energy
2-5  Trust
2-6  Shaming
2-7  Anger

Level 3  Whose Rules Are We Using and Why?

3-1  Working Rules - Establishing basic ground rules for the group
3-2  Confidentiality - What is, what isn't confidential?
3-3  Consensus Decision Making - Exploring mutuality through consensus
3-4  Conscious Agreements - Making a strong container
3-5  When Agreements are Broken - Exploring 'whys - hows -responses'
3-6  Statement on Non-Violence - Are we committed?
3-7  Leaving the Group - What issues come up here?
3-8  Inviting a new man into Group - Are we ready? Is he?

Level 4  Celebrating

4-1  Playing! - Finding ways to have fun together
4-2  Planning a trip together - Quality time with each other, and more!
4-3  Life Stories - Honouring and celebrating our journeys
4-4  Community - Acting in the community
4-5  Relationships - What I'm learning

Level 5  Conflict

5-1  Conflict and Me
5-2  Projections and Dumping
5-3  Denial
5-4  Resolving Conflict
5-5  When it all craps out…

Level 6  Stuckness

6-1  Group Review
6-2  Group Facilitation & Workshops
6-3  Sitting in the Silence

Level 7  Taking A Dive

7-1  Conforming
7-2  The Prince and the King
7-3  Taking a dive

Level 8  Renewed Commitment

8-1  Renewal and Self-Resolution
8-2  Trying to figure it out


Appendix 1  Taking Care of Yourself
Appendix 2  Why is Men's Work About Non-Judgement and not about Advising, Changing, Fixing or Challenging another man?
Appendix 3  Poetry section

  Last Word

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