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Note: many counsellors mention men's issues amongst their long list of specializations. The list below, however, is of counsellors in British Columbia that specifically and (almost) exclusively work with men.

See also: British Columbia Groups

Name Location E-mail Phone Cost Notes
Life Force Men's and Youth Coaching East Vancouver, Renfrew-Collingwood abramoc.liamg@j.ttomliwsrednuascadabra.jpg (778) 881-0705 $100 Counsellor: Jamie Saunders-Wilmott
Kevin Campbell Burnaby abraac.cclsna@llebpmackcadabra.jpg (604) 441-2360 $50 - $120
Jerry Arthur-Wong Vancouver abramoc.liamg@yrrejtodwwwcadabra.jpg (604) 878-9033
Richard Somerset Vancouver, Delta, Surrey abraac.tceffelppireht@drahcircadabra.jpg (604) 250-9869 $133
Thrive Consulting Vancouver abramoc.snemevirht@tcennoccadabra.jpg (604) 227-0297 Counsellors: James Alexander, Carson Kivari, Matthew McDaniel, Dace Marsh
BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Vancouver abramoc.srovivruselam-cb@rotanidroocsvcadabra.jpg (604) 682-6482 Specialization: Sexual abuse
Men's Trauma Centre Victoria abramoc.amuartsnem@ofnicadabra.jpg (250) 381-6367 Specialization: Sexual abuse
Empowered Man Program Maple Ridge (778) 772-0339
Calvin Black Victoria abramoc.kcalbnivlac@nivlaccadabra.jpg (250) 888-3536 $70 - $120
Janel Ball Vancouver abraac.snoitulosgnilaeh@lenajcadabra.jpg (604) 809-0351 Janel is a woman
Jake (Jacob) Froese Vancouver abramoc.liamg@eseorf.ekajcadabra.jpg (604) 500-1631 $80 - $120
Bill Schuilenberg Kelowna (236) 420-1155 $120 - $180
Men in Change Vancouver abragro.cbciasom@ofnicadabra.jpg (604) 254-9626 Free Immigrants, refugees, and visual minorities who have used, or are at risk of using violence in intimate relationships
The Men's Centre (Nanaimo) Nanaimo abraac.ertnecsnemeht@oehtcadabra.jpg (250) 716-1551 Formerly: Nanaimo Men's Resource Centre