Dave Robens

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Dave Robens

Dave Robens is the institutor of Men's Group Vancouver. In the past he co-founded, together with his own personal coach, a men’s group that ran for approximately eighteen months. Dave also works as an occupational therapist.

Bringing childhood-formed habits into my consciousness has helped me to live intentionally, and decreased my tendency toward living automatically; to translate strategies developed with the intellect of a child into behaviours that are much better at guiding my life in The Now. And during this process, I developed a model to empower oneself to live a life that resonates with who each individual truly wants to be - The Circle of Choice!

His ten-class workshop, which reportedly has it's basis in the Men's Liberation Movement, considers various models of manhood, and, amongst other things, looks at:

  • Society's expectation of men to be strong
  • Authenticity
  • Compassion
  • Anger and vulnerability
  • (Self-) judgement
  • Men's collective wisdom
  • The relationship with family members
  • A purposeful and conscious life
  • One's innate potential