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John Ince

John Ince (1952) is a Canadian author, lawyer, activist, and entrepreneur, and is a central figure in, and promoter for men's groups in Vancouver. He organised in 2015 the first Vancouver men's group summit. In the late 1970s Ince studied yoga and meditation in India.

He now devotes his efforts to happiness activism. His book Joyshift: The Journey to Primal Happiness was published in September 2015.

Legal career

Ince began practicing law in the early 1980s focusing on environmental issues but gradually moved to the human rights field, specializing in sexual issues. He represented performers and individual citizens fighting sexual censorship laws. One of his cases, Luscher v. Canada, was successful in striking down as unconstitutional a federal law that had prohibited sexual material from entering Canada for over one hundred years. He represented the Canadian polyamory community in the 2011 constitutional reference case concerning Canada’s polygamy laws.

Sex-positive work

In 2002, Ince opened The Art of Loving, a sex shop in Vancouver, Canada. It sells art, instructional books and videos and pleasure products. It also produces almost one hundred sexual seminars a year, some led by Ince. He produced an erotic event at The Art of Loving that garnered international media attention in 2003.

In 2005 Ince and many other erotic arts activists founded The Sex Party, the world’s first officially registered sex-positive political party, which contests provincial elections to promote libertarian and sex-positive attitudes towards sexual education, sex censorship and prostitution. Ince was party leader from 2005 until 2012. He and others ran as candidates in two provincial general elections in 2005 and 2009.

Ince is also the founder of The Erosha School of erotic massage (see also).

Men’s groups

In 2010 Ince and Marke Brunke founded to facilitate the formation of groups of men who are interested in connecting at a deeper level than usually occurs at social events. Ince and Brunke have a combined thirty years of experience participating in men’s groups. John's own men's group was formed in the early 2000s, and grew out of a five day camping trip with male friends.


Besides books on environmental law, land use law, kayaking and buying rural and recreational properties, John Ince wrote in 2003 The Politics of Lust.

Joyshift: The Journey to Primal Happiness is his latest title. It argues that the ingredients for happiness were genetically set in the hunter-gatherer era, and describes a daily practice to make use of these "primal nutrients of happiness" in modern-day life.