Knights Without Armour

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Knights Without Armour (KWA) is a weekly men's group in West Richmond, which started in May of 1991. It is an offshoot of the Vancouver Men's Support Network, and initially adopted its mythopoetic character. Presently, KWA can be characterised as a process group.

Besides personal referrals and invitations, recruitment of new men takes place since October 2013 via

It had a second branch for drop-in members for a while, but that discontinued.

Today, the group meets in the library of a church, despite not being affiliated with any religion. It originally held gatherings in private homes.

Although all the original founding members have left, member "JP" has continued to serve the group from 1991. Another long-term member, Dr. Jas Bhopal, who was with the group since 1993, finally left after 23 years in 2016.

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