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Men In The Mirror (MitM) is men's group in New Westminster. It started on February 20th, 2015, by three men, of which two (Bernard and Shenan) no longer have any organisational role. The remaining facilitator (Tristan) learned his hosting style from being a regular member of Knights Without Armour, a group in Richmond, which he attended consistently between February 2015 and March 2016.

Meetings have an emphasis on building a supportive friendships between members. The general approach is described in the 'About us' section on their page ― which provides the group with an inflow of new men.

It its early days the group met only once every two weeks in public meeting rooms of Waves Coffee in Surrey and New Westminster. This changed when Tristan became the sole organiser in October 2015. Since that time, MitM meets every Thursday at Decide Your Life, a personal growth centre in New Westminster, first on Begbie Street and since April 2016 on McBride Boulevard.

After one year, the group had grown to 11 or 12 men per meeting and decided to start a second weekly group on Sunday mornings.